A+ for effort and idea!! My cat have realized that she can’t catch any birds by sitting & waiting below the feeder. So now she’s trying on top of it, or she thinks that behaving like a bird will fool them …

IMG 9966

Commenting on research stuff … I need a break, a cat break

How she can find this position comfortable is beyond me

IMG 9647


IMG 9644

Tired cats. The kittens followed my wife and daughter when they took a 1 km walk. This is their reactions (the cats, not wife/daughter) when they got home.

2020 09 02 19 24 43 0001

2020 09 02 19 24 53 0002

Today’s theme: flake. Needing some inspiration I looked up the word and found one definition that I didn’t know about

flake out: informal he flaked out on my bed: fall asleep, go to sleep, keel over; nod off

This is probably what happened to these two after getting a moose meat dinner #mbaug

IMG 8629

IMG 8630

Today’s theme: cuddly. And here is the reason why I suggested it. #mbaug

IMG 8556

“Sorry, you can’t use the toilet now. I’m taking a nap”

IMG 0757

Public Service Announcement : I’m sorry (not really) but these moved in yesterday afternoon … you can expect an increasing number of cat photos from me in the future.

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