Another morning walk, I have to admit that I love to get up and take a walk before people wake up. It’s so peaceful. This is from the village this morning. Now time for some work

Wonderful, it’s 4:52 in the morning and only the birds and the wind makes any sounds

Just for your information, the snow is all but gone, the ice is gone, there is some green on the trees. I officially declare that it’s late spring

I hope this is an indication of a good future (and no, I didn’t do anything to the stone etc)

I think it’s safe to say that spring is here

The proud hunter. She have come in with 7 mice in five days.

I had to go to the city today, after 30 min I just wanted to go home again … I took this photo which summarize my 3h in the city.


A+ for effort and idea!! My cat have realized that she can’t catch any birds by sitting & waiting below the feeder. So now she’s trying on top of it, or she thinks that behaving like a bird will fool them …

IMG 9966

It have been quite warm the last week or two, and the snow has started to melt away.

2021 03 06 11 38 59 0001

2021 03 06 12 22 39 0001

Todays theme: code

I made a quick visit to the office today to get a book. I looked at the whiteboard and saw some code. This is from one year ago, and I think I was trying to explain semaphores (or some other locking mechanism), the perils of using pointers, and finally inheritance. Probably not the same student, or the same course 🤷🏻

IMG 9822

Scenes from the village. An man using his snow thrower (correct term??)

2021 02 23 15 00 58 0001

And an elderly woman shoveling snow

2021 02 23 14 59 53 0001

Todays theme: Spell

Not really a spell … well, it makes as much sense as a spell … or spelling but dictating in Swedish while setting iOS to use the English keyboard can result in some amusing prose

IMG 9809

Three women, one man and three dogs out walking, a car passing by. Yet another Sunday walk.

2021 02 21 13 21 46 0001

Todays theme: Alive. One thing that makes me feel alive, and “in tune with the world” is when I’m out hunting (which doesn’t happen that often).

2020 09 07 06 10 37 0001

Todays theme: Compassion.

I found this one day walking in a forest close to Umeå. Apparently someone had compassion to the dead bird and covered it with flowers.

2019 08 13 12 31 14 0001

Todays theme: make.

These machines can be a source of great joy and be really useful (I don’t own one, I’m not much into engines etc … despite officially having a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering - long story). But they also make a lot of noice …

2021 02 13 13 00 45 0001

Todays theme: Sporg. I have no idea what a sporg is. After some research (i.e. using DuckDuckGo) I decided that a sporg must be some kind creature. So I decided to spend my lunch walk trying to hunt down a sporg.

Did I see a sporg running between the trees?

2021 02 12 12 58 07 0001

I’m sure that I saw one among the tress, although my research says that it could be an almost invisible creature.

2021 02 12 12 59 05 0002

Frozen sporg pee???

2021 02 12 13 07 37 0003

Could it be a sporg crossing, or a warning to sporgs crossing the road?

2021 02 12 13 08 50 0004

I think I heard a sporg over there (although I have no idea of how they sound)

2021 02 12 13 11 16 0005

See, right there, isn’t that a sporg??

2021 02 12 13 12 27 0006

Could this be a sporg in white winter camouflage?

2021 02 12 13 18 35 0007

Another sporg crossing?

2021 02 12 13 20 30 0008

Could these be sporg nests?

2021 02 12 13 31 44 0009

A sporg castle?

2021 02 12 13 36 53 0010

OK, here we have a sporg running over the field … unfortunately it has a very good camouflage so you can’t see it.

2021 02 12 13 45 51 0011

Todays theme: machine. One of the neighbors is apparently improving their heating system. This have become very popular the last couple of years (we did it about 2 years ago)

IMG 9674

Commenting on research stuff … I need a break, a cat break

How she can find this position comfortable is beyond me

IMG 9647


IMG 9644

Todays theme: Sports. I usually take something between 5-10000 martial arts photos each year. The last 14 months I’ve done one singe photo shoot … so here are two from the archive, taken 3 months ago.

2020 10 31 10 26 54 0001

2020 10 31 10 33 04 0002

There is a rumor that the kids think it’s difficult to use the swings 😋

2021 02 04 11 22 06 0002

Todays theme: Morning brew. A cup of tea, a biscuit, a cat, a few birds, -22 degrees, and sunshine - one way of starting your day

IMG 9620

It’s not often I think about it but walking on a layer of water (snow) above another layer of water (ice) that is floating on top of a third layer of water is kind of fantastic

Current state of Agnes (I haven’t posted a cat picture in a while)

Sigh, I told the birdies how to shovel a roof. And this is how they do it 🤦🏻‍♂️

First(!!!) attempt of using snowshoes … the size of my feet might explain why I never have tried before 😁. Verdict: not for me.

IMG 9555

First walk this week (I’ve been working and shoveling snow 😋)

The birdies didn’t shovel their feeder when I told them to, and see how it looks now !! Now they really need to get their act together

IMG 9541

This is how my models look like when I try to take portraits: “Do we really have to do this”

2020 12 24 11 40 07 0019

This also explains why I have so few photos of people

For a few hours the world look the way it should look.

It should be full of snow, unfortunately nature is annoyed with us humans (rightly so) and we get shit weather but not today.

We got a visit from Albus yesterday and of course son & girlfriend got a print to take home. (The advantage of having a photo printer)

Sigh, that worked just fine. Let’s try a new photo and see if it fails this time

2020 12 14 09 13 10 0001

@maique I kind of agree (I’m playing with editing to see if I can get some structure in the trunks). Here I very much prefer the color version:

2020 12 17 10 46 05 0001


2020 12 17 10 46 05 0001 2

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with a camera with color sensor 😜

Color version

2020 12 17 11 34 29 0001

B&W version

2020 12 17 11 34 29 0001 2

An experiment that showed me a few things:

  1. Light pollution is a real thing (city is about 15km away)
  2. m43 sensors in near dark doesn’t work well
  3. DxO4 DeepPrime reduces noice better that Lightroom

2020 12 15 20 28 20 0029 DxO

Det är ju inte svårt att förstå varför äldre tycker det är besvärligt att gå ut och gå i #Umeå

2020 11 23 09 17 53 0001

This is the only one in the house who want to pose for me when I want to play with flash photography … we need more gnomes in the world !!!

2020 11 21 16 22 02 0001

Lovely company during today’s walk, the raven is soaring somewhere above me “singing” the fantastic sound that ravens have.

From yesterday, I wonder what will happen if the water doesn’t recline before it completely freezes …

2020 11 10 12 13 45 0001

It’s now autumn/winter and you can see the ice starting to settle

2020 11 10 12 29 39 0001

And finally a bit of color

2020 11 10 12 32 00 0001

Yesterdays weather, a few hundred meters from our house. In other places things have been way worse trees over cars, 1m of water indoors, flooded roads, etc.

I’ve seen photo of cars where someone has stolen all tires, does this mean that someone stole the car and left the tires? 🤷🏻‍♂️

I wonder if winter is here to stay or just making a quick visit 🤔

I’ve spent a surprising amount of time here the last two weeks …

Rain in the air, so after a 2.5h walk in the morning I’m staying inside warming my feet 😜

One huge advantage of autumn/winter is that I don’t have to get up early to catch sunrise (and soon I’ll be able to sleep in and still get up before sunrise 😜)

Yep, I do love red leaves (as you probably have figured out by now 😁)

2020 09 23 08 38 37 0001

I’ve been away from home a week and then been busy so yesterday I was able to take my first walk at home in two weeks and there have been some changes. Autumn is clearly making itself visible now.

2020 09 17 08 56 16 0004

2020 09 17 08 40 13 0003

2020 09 17 07 25 01 0001

2020 09 17 07 27 31 0002

Question: if a cat sleeps on your bills, then it’s OK to be late in paying them … right?

Not a good picture but she didn’t to wait for the camera to actually start working (for some reason my camera is really slow each day when I first turn it on)

2020 09 12 08 58 58 0001

I’ll be here or in this general area this week … in case you need me … wait until next week

Tired cats. The kittens followed my wife and daughter when they took a 1 km walk. This is their reactions (the cats, not wife/daughter) when they got home.

2020 09 02 19 24 43 0001

2020 09 02 19 24 53 0002

One difference of working from home is that my colleagues at work usually stays awake, and when they fall asleep they usually don’t sleep on my desk

I also discovered an area with lots and lots of blueberries (despite being rather late in the season)

2020 08 30 14 25 35 0001

Today’s theme: discovery. I walked to a part of the forest where I haven’t been before and I discovered a “Klapperstensfält” that I didn’t know about.

2020 08 30 14 24 35 0001

(this is the same idea as a Shingle beach but usually on a hill/mountain or in the forest)

Today’s theme: flake. Needing some inspiration I looked up the word and found one definition that I didn’t know about

flake out: informal he flaked out on my bed: fall asleep, go to sleep, keel over; nod off

This is probably what happened to these two after getting a moose meat dinner #mbaug

IMG 8629

IMG 8630

Today’s theme: emotions. I was going to post a photo of people doing things … but I changed my mind and instead upload the snapshots from this mornings walk - and you can supply the emotions. #mbaug

2020 08 28 06 31 38 0001

2020 08 28 06 34 40 0002

2020 08 28 06 45 30 0003

2020 08 28 06 45 46 0004

2020 08 28 07 02 46 0006

2020 08 28 07 17 36 0007

2020 08 28 07 20 16 0008

2020 08 28 07 22 29 0009

2020 08 28 07 25 13 0010

2020 08 28 07 34 44 0011

Today’s theme: overcome. Due to “unforeseen circumstances” I won’t be able to go and take an “overcome” photo today, so here is one from the archives. #mbaug

2019 06 08 11 34 03 0001

A new friend I met today. A bit shy but she let me take a few photos.

2020 08 26 14 59 49 0001

Today’s theme: relentless. From a human perspective, time is probably the most relentless concept. #mbaug

2020 08 26 14 51 35 0001

Today’s theme: Hope. I love the hope and optimism of the boats owner 😁

2020 08 21 11 32 43 0001

Ha, yesterday I wrote that it was too warm here for frost … and what do I see during my morning walk? Frost !!

2020 08 25 07 29 41 0001

2020 08 25 07 30 07 0002

Today’s theme: frost. Hmmm … since we currently have no frost I can’t really go out and take a new photo - and the fridge seems boring, or frost flakes. So here is one from the archive. #mbaug

2018 11 14 13 10 11 0001

Today’s theme: graceful. I don’t know if this can be considered graceful or not … but at least he had fun.

2020 08 08 15 52 00 0001

Pretty happy with my new shoes. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to wiggle my toes (it’s size 47.5 or 13)

Today’s theme: change. OK, Here is another photo to illustrate “change”. If I remember correctly this used to be a Post Office building - I think that they used to sort the mail here.

2020 08 20 13 09 01 0001

Today’s theme: Change. I find it quite interesting to see how architecture change over time. #mbaug

2020 08 17 12 13 14 0001

Today’s theme: ribbon. This is probably a bit of a stretch but perhaps that roof construction and the shadows it cast can be considered ribbons. #mbaug

2020 08 17 11 14 57 0001

Today’s theme: cuddly. And here is the reason why I suggested it. #mbaug

IMG 8556

Today’s theme: Stationary. The mountain behind our house is what I would consider “stationary”. The trees come and go, but the mountain is still there. #mbaug

2018 10 20 11 28 05 0001

Another sign of Covid - these were brand new 2-2.5 months ago (yes, I walked a bit the last 4-5 months).

Today’s theme: sound. New sound device in the house. #mbaug

“Sorry, you can’t use the toilet now. I’m taking a nap”

IMG 0757

Today’s theme: Window. Closed windows seem to be a theme where I live #mbaug

2020 08 09 16 51 34 0001

2020 08 09 17 04 55 0002

Today’s theme: black & white. I’m doing the lazy thing and just publish a B&W photo instead of doing something clever (and I happen to like B&W) #mbaug

Today’s theme: view. The view during the evening walk

Today’s theme: “day tripping”. “Day tripping??” You say, well this is from Tuesday when I drove 500+ km and among other things visited my mother… who wanted to show off her flowers

Todays theme is “flow”. I had hoped to take a few photos of a stream but things happened so here is a desperate photo #mbaug

It looks like we are getting some cherries this year.

I’ve always found street photography interesting but I very rarely try it. One reason is pretty obvious: no streets in my neighborhood

Drone photo of trees … or just very small plants beside a puddle?

And here you see the reason why a “quick walk” behind our house usually isn’t that quick.

We had black cats for 16-17 years and almost every time I tried taking a photo of them I ended up with black blobs in the photo. I think I will not have that problem with the new cats

Decided to take a short bike ride today. Guess what happened … yep, I got wet.

Probably not the best place to leave your sofa

2020 07 05 09 30 42 0002

I really like how the owners of this garden has taken advantage of the rock that was in their garden

Rainy weather outside so I’m “forced” to stay indoors

Friday walk - Bönhus (literal translation: House of prayer)

Public Service Announcement : I’m sorry (not really) but these moved in yesterday afternoon … you can expect an increasing number of cat photos from me in the future.

2020 06 30 08 23 19 0001

We are mostly staying in our village at the moment, but yesterday it was time to get some shopping done. Anyway, I ended up taking a quick walk in the city and …

2020 06 28 15 12 16 0003

At least it looks like they are enjoying themselves

2020 06 28 15 12 10 0002

Let me start the day with a picture of one of the neighboring houses

2020 06 24 04 42 18 0001

2020 06 13 17 55 55 0001

Another photo from the neighborhood - I don’t want to have a horse but I’m very happy that someone else in the village have a few … I’m unsure about how many but I think there are at least 7 of these ponies.

I was the “outdoor instructor” for some young kids. Ju-jutsu COVID edition 😋

2010 03 15 17 47 23 0001

Another old memory, this time from when I was travelling home from Seattle. We were going to take a connecting flight home but for some reason we landed at the same time the other plane was rolling out on the runway - yep, I saw it. So we were offered a room for the night and then a seat on the plane home the next evening. So, next day we took the bus to downtown New York for a quick look around … and of course I needed to go to Empire State Building.

Unfortunately, it’s not a very good photo … I wish it looked like this, this or this but I didn’t have the skill (or the time).

Anyway, I got a free visit to New York so I shouldn’t complain. This was also my second to last visit to the US.

The feeling of having prepared scones for lunch and the whole neighborhood loses power

He is growing up fast, looking quite adult for being a toddler

Spent some quality time with son’s puppy today

Not what I expected when I went out to take a few photos

Another day in the village, still working from home

My new photo model, not my puppy but I’m pretty sure that will see many photos of this little guy in the future

The current temperature is having a huge effect on the ice

Good morning, I’m really starting to enjoy the work from home lifestyle. A nice morning walk before starting to work.

30 minutes in central Umeå: Vårvinter (“spring winter”)

30 minutes in central Umeå: Vårvinter (“spring winter”)

A short walk before the last video meeting on the day

I see no change because of the corona virus, the usual number of people is out on the street 😜

This is what I see when I get home after a few hours in Umeå

The horse and the three “sausages” (family reference to the three ponies)

Two older women walking along the street discussing what happened during the weekend and why one of them didn’t attend an event. In other words much like any teenager … humans are pretty much the same despite the age.

It might be gray and dull during the day (basically 10-14) but during the sunset it has been VERY colorful the last few days

Yep, today is one of those gray days when you really want to curl up in to sofa and do nothing. Please let it become cold soon … with some fresh, fluffy snow

You see that yellow thing in the distance? It’s the sun and in 5 months it will be up in the sky for almost 22 of 24 hours

So, what did I do this weekend. Well, I mostly sat in a mini-buss going to Uppsala and back again. Between those two events I spent my time looking at various graduations in Ju-Jutsu. Here are some from the 4th Dan graduation (fourth level black belt)

Back in Arvidsjaur. Tomorrow’s trip back home will not be fun, there was a lot of … ehh, “snörök” today (that dry snow that is sucked into the air when a vehicle passes, google couldn’t give me translation). Tomorrow it’s going to be pitch black and each time I meet a truck I’m going to be in a white cloud with near zero visibility for 3-5 seconds or so. Not my favorite thing.

Todays lunch: pumpkin soup. Family grade was A for idea, E for effort

So what did I do this weekend? Well, I had fun … and took pictures of people having fun (martial arts)

Yes, these images are overdone, I was playing with some iPhone apps and wanted to see what happened. But I would say that they are not as overdone as you first might think, when I look at the original images they are kind of dull and does not in any way show how I experienced yesterdays walk. These images reflects my experience much more. But yes, overdone and a bit too much HDR.

A bit of a contrast from the previous photo, this is how I spent my time last week

I know that the sign says “summer” but it doesn’t really look/feel like that

It’s a little bit embarrassing but I haven’t gone through my photos from #helsinki last year 😔 but soon I’ll be done. Then it’s time for 3000 photos from an event in November 🙄 #helsingfors #finland #suomi #lumix #lumicnordic #lumixgx80

I couldn’t resist playing with this image from one of the cemeteries in Aberdeen.

It’s ironic, yesterday I took a walk without a camera in my hand … for the first time in 3-4 weeks. What happens? An air balloon shows up, for the first time ever, and before I was able get home and get my camera it disappeared behind the mountain behind our house.

Too much cliche?? I mean old trees, green grass, old buildings (hardly visible), rain and a bag piper in the same photo

My guess is that these three buildings were not built at the same time 😜

When I leave Aberdeen I will have seen enough granite for some time

It would had been really fun if they have had the sails out

Some ceilidh dancing by (mostly) novices at #iticse2019

Archie - I met this little fellow yesterday when walking home from the conference reception. His owners spend a lot of time yelling his name but he didn’t seem to care that much 😋

The dominant color here is gray … a lot of gray … in fact, very much gray

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a clear, perfect rainbow

Not really why I bought that tripod and light but hey, it works

Experimenting and trying to get the photo to express the same feeling/view I experienced when I stood there.

Nope, I’m not a “car person” … but it’s a fun challenge to take photos of them.

I’m not a Photoshop guy, in fact this is the first photo I’ve edited in Photoshop (I normally use Lightroom). I wanted to get rid of some bushes and since I’ve seen people do these things in Photoshop I decided to try. Not perfect in any way but for a first attempt I think it’s OK.

A memory from the ice age. This is at the top of the “mountain” behind our house

I have no idea what to do with this, probably just put it on a shelf to celebrate one of the coolest looking Macs that have been made.

And it was free 😎

Got invited to an island today (and it’s my father in law, 87, who is practicing knife throwing)

Spent a part of the day watching Toughest (an obstacle course race). I’m not very interested in the elite, they are pretty boring, but the amateurs that does it for fun … a completely different thing

Lunch break - walked down to the lake during lunch (Volgsjön, Vilhelmina).

Why I like living where I live, it’s 23:00 and it’s time to sleep … but it’s only slightly darker than in the middle of the day in the winter

I wasn’t popular today, they thought I was too close their nest

The abandoned building - I’m a bit fascinated with this abandoned house. It sits alone in the forest and is in a pretty bad condition, but judging from the electric lighting it can’t have abandoned for that long. This was the first time I noticed the painting.

5:48 On my way to the bus so I can get to work

Evening walk … to fill the circles on my watch 😏

22:33 - Walking home from the bus (the last bus of the day)

To be perfectly honest: I’m quite fed up with correcting exams