Todays theme: Sports. I usually take something between 5-10000 martial arts photos each year. The last 14 months I’ve done one singe photo shoot … so here are two from the archive, taken 3 months ago.

2020 10 31 10 26 54 0001

2020 10 31 10 33 04 0002

Today’s theme: overcome. Due to “unforeseen circumstances” I won’t be able to go and take an “overcome” photo today, so here is one from the archives. #mbaug

2019 06 08 11 34 03 0001

So, what did I do this weekend. Well, I mostly sat in a mini-buss going to Uppsala and back again. Between those two events I spent my time looking at various graduations in Ju-Jutsu. Here are some from the 4th Dan graduation (fourth level black belt)